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Dancing Fingers Through Your Muscles!
About the Practitioner

Douglas Dally, BS, MA, CMT 

The History of Dally Massage began with its doors opening on May 15, 2002.  As a Certified Massage Therapist, I was proud carry out my dream of beginning a Massage Therapist.

Ever since I was a kid, massage has been important.  Massaging aches and pains was a daily event growing up on the our North Dakota farm and I quickly learned I had a natural talent for relieving muscle stress and strain. Massage was one of the main things that helped me recover after my car accident in 1984.  I lived with pain for several years, but after consistent massage treatment, I now live pain free.  That is when I decided that I wanted to make a career of helping others, the way I was helped, through massage therapy.

In October of 2001, I began training at Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork, were I reseved my diploma in August of 2003 and became a ABMP Fully Certified Massage Therapist. The techniques studied are Esalen Relaxation Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Pressure Point, Connective Tissue, Reiki, Sports Massage and Myofascial Release.

My Technigue Centers around Esalen Relaxation Massage, which employs the use of Long Continuous Strokes that smooth and relax your sore and tired muscles. These strokes primarily work toward the heart, which helps to flush out the toxins that have built up in your system.  This, also, helps to ease and relax the nervous and respiratory system.

My Specialty is Deep Tissue Bodywork, which most often is needed by people who are suffering from painful muscle conditions. My Deep Tissue Massage employs many Massage Techniques to help relieve and reverse the traumatized condition of your muscles.  

Along with Swedish Massage, Pressure Point, Sports Massage and the rest, Myofascial Release plays an important part in my massage treatments.  Many times great trauma, like an auto accident, a fall or other major tramatic experience will cause the body to go into a Physical State of Shock.  Because of this the muscles and fascia (a type of webbing that goes throughtout your body) may remain in this tramuatized state.  After the muscles and fascia have been in this condition for an extended period of time, the fascia becomes "frozen" and unflexable. Myofascial Release Lengthens the fascia by way of a slow stretching of the skin. This enables the fascia to Release from its "frozen" state and allow the muscles to be flexible again.  This all takes time and patience.  As in all treatments of the body, one should not assume that one massage treatment will take care of a long term condition.

Now last, but certainly not least, Massage provides the most important Human Need of all, Touch. Human Contact!  It is so important, not only for the Body, but for the Mind and Spirit as well.  Our Society has lost the importance of touch.  We, as Human Beings, need to be Touched in a Caring, Positive and Nurturing way.  Massage can Provide that as well.  Arful Touch!  So Important.


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